Datasets AvailableΒΆ

1. Pantheria (Jones et al. 2009)
shortname: pantheria
2. Wine Composition
shortname: wine-composition
reference: Exploration, Classification and Correlation. Institute of Pharmaceutical
3. vertnet:
shortname: vertnet
4. Shortgrass steppe mapped plants quads - Chu et al. 2013
shortname: mapped-plant-quads-co
5. Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database
shortname: breast-cancer-wi
6. Fray Jorge community ecology database (Kelt et al. 2013)
shortname: fray-jorge-ecology
7. Foraging attributes for birds and mammals (Wilman, et al., 2014)
shortname: elton-traits
8. Oosting Natural Area (North Carolina) plant occurrence (Palmer et al. 2007)
shortname: plant-occur-oosting
9. Mapped plant quadrat time-series from Montana (Anderson et al. 2011)
shortname: mapped-plant-quads-mt
10. Vascular plant composition - McGlinn, et al., 2010
shortname: plant-comp-ok
11. Fish parasite host ecological characteristics (Strona, et al., 2013)
shortname: fish-parasite-hosts
12. Alwyn H. Gentry Forest Transect Dataset
shortname: gentry-forest-transects
13. Iris Plants Database
shortname: iris
14. USDA plant list - taxonomy for US plant species
shortname: plant-taxonomy-us
15. Miscellaneous Abundance Database (figshare 2012)
shortname: community-abundance-misc
16. Mapped plant quadrat time-series from Kansas (Adler et al. 2007)
shortname: mapped-plant-quads-ks
17. USGS North American Breeding Bird Survey
shortname: breed-bird-survey
18. Mammal Life History Database - Ernest, et al., 2003
shortname: mammal-life-hist
19. Bird Body Size and Life History (Lislevand et al. 2007)
shortname: bird-size
20. MammalDIET
shortname: mammal-diet
21. Percentage leaf herbivory across vascular plant species
shortname: leaf-herbivory
22. Gulf of Maine intertidal density/cover (Petraitis et al. 2008)
shortname: intertidal-abund-me
23. A database on the life history traits of the Northwest European flora
shortname: plant-life-hist-eu
24. Amniote life History database
shortname: amniote-life-hist
25. Mount St. Helens vegetation recovery plots (del Moral 2010)
shortname: mt-st-helens-veg
26. Indian Forest Stand Structure and Composition (Ramesh et al. 2010)
shortname: forest-plots-wghats
27. USA National Phenology Network
shortname: NPN
28. Antarctic Site Inventory breeding bird survey data, 1994-2013
shortname: antarctic-breed-bird
29. Michigan forest canopy dynamics plots - Woods et al. 2009
shortname: forest-plots-michigan
30. Sagebrush steppe mapped plant quadrats (Zachmann et al. 2010)
shortname: mapped-plant-quads-id
31. Database of Vertebrate Home Range Sizes - Tamburello et al., 2015
shortname: home-ranges
32. Mammal Community DataBase (Thibault et al. 2011)
shortname: mammal-community-db
33. Tree demography in Western Ghats, India - Pelissier et al. 2011
shortname: tree-demog-wghats
34. Car Evaluation
shortname: car-eval
35. Spatial Population Data Alpine Butterfly - Matter et al 2014
shortname: butterfly-population-network
36. Marine Predator and Prey Body Sizes - Barnes et al. 2008
shortname: predator-prey-size-marine
37. Forest Inventory and Analysis
shortname: forest-inventory-analysis
38. Bioclim 2.5 Minute Climate Data
shortname: bioclim
39. Sonoran Desert Lab perennials vegetation plots
shortname: veg-plots-sdl
40. Forest fire data for Montesinho natural park in Portugal
shortname: forest-fires-portugal
41. BAAD: a Biomass And Allometry Database for woody plants
shortname: biomass-allometry-db
42. Tree growth, mortality, physical condition - Clark, 2006
shortname: la-selva-trees
43. Mammal Super Tree
shortname: mammal-super-tree
44. USGS North American Breeding Bird Survey 50 stop
shortname: breed-bird-survey-50stop
45. Biovolumes for freshwater phytoplankton - Colin et al. 2014
shortname: phytoplankton-size
46. PRISM Climate Data
shortname: prism-climate
47. Abalone Age and Size Data
shortname: abalone-age
48. Phylogeny and metabolic rates in mammals (Ecological Archives 2010)
shortname: mammal-metabolic-rate
49. Wine Quality
shortname: wine-quality
reference: Modeling wine preferences by data mining from physicochemical properties. In Decision Support Systems, Elsevier, 47(4):547-553, 2009.
50. Poker Hand dataset
shortname: poker-hands
51. Masses of Mammals (Smith et al. 2003)
shortname: mammal-masses
52. Biomass and Its Allocation in Chinese Forest Ecosystems (Luo, et al., 2014)
shortname: forest-biomass-china
53. Portal Project Data (Ernest et al. 2009)
shortname: portal
54. Global wood density database - Zanne et al. 2009
shortname: wood-density